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TiVo Bolt Repair Video – Fan and Hard Drive Replacement

TiVo Bolts have been around for almost four years, and some of their moving parts are beginning to fail.

The Bolt is a bit harder to open than previous TiVo models, so we’ve posted a video on YouTube showing you how to open a TiVo Bolt and swap out its hard drive and fan.

Naturally, we sell these replacement parts also:

TiVo Bolt Fan

TiVo Bolt Hard Drives

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TiVo Roamio Fan Replacement Kits – Roamio, Roamio OTA, and Roamio VOX OTA

We’ve been getting many, many reports of loud fans in the base Roamio units – the ones that look like this:

As best we can tell, TiVo has used two or more suppliers for the fans in these units, and possibly more than one model from some of these suppliers.

In order to figure out the best replacement option, we contacted several suppliers and tested many fans, and we now how what we think is the best possible replacement. This same model seems to be what TiVo is using in the current Roamio OTA Vox units.

We sell this fan as a kit with three torx tools, which are all necessary for installation:

TiVo Roamio Fan Kit

We also have a video on that page that walks you through the installation, step by step.

This is compatible with model numbers TCD846500, TCD846510 and TCD846000.

Please note that this will NOT work with the Roamio Plus and Pro. We have that fan kit here.

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Here we go again: Largest TiVo Ever!

As we mentioned in our last blog post, we’ve been working with Western Digital’s newest 8 TB drives. We have them available in many of our products, and now we’re ready to announce another one for sale, with immediate availability.

You can now order a Roamio Pro with 16 TB of recording space. This unit will hold up to 2570 HD hours, or an insane 17725 hours of standard definition content. This unit has an internal 8 TB drive, and an external 8 TB drive. And this is, most definitely, the largest TiVo ever.


You can find this huge unit on our TiVo Roamio DVR page. And, yes, it comes with 1 year of prepaid TiVo service.

If you’re looking for a huge unit with 4K capabilities, then see our TiVo BOLT with 10 TB of space – that’s the largest we currently offer for the BOLT line.

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DIRECTV Wireless Genie Client C41W Information

We don’t have a ton of information yet about the upcoming C41W – the wireless Genie Client from DIRECTV – but we’ve got some info. We have a new DIRECTV Genie C41W page on our site which will be where we’ll take orders for the item once we have an idea of when we’ll have it in stock.

This unit will work off a wireless signal from a DIRECTV wireless base station. This is NOT a Wifi adapter, nor will a Wifi adapter help or interfere. And, the Wifi built into the HR44 won’t talk to the C41W (although that can bridge internet to the C41W through the proprietary wireless connection).

The C41W will ship with the RC71 remote. DIRECTV says the C41W is expected to work through roughly five walls and 75 feet. Like all wireless products, range and signal quality will vary in every house and simply won’t work everywhere.

One wireless base station can handle all of the clients. But you will also be able to have multiple base stations to get better coverage around your installation. All base stations need to be wired into the SWM network.

More info as we have it . . .

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We have preliminary information about the second generation DIRECTV Genie – the HR44. It’s not out yet, but it does sound like a nice evolution of the Genie server.

Here’s the front of the unit:



And here’s the back:


Here are the main differences:

  • Significantly smaller
  • Built in Wifi adapter
  • External power adapter – fewer unit failures this way, and the power supply alone can be replaced if that’s the only problem
  • Ships with the new RC71 remote
  • Faster processor
  • Digital audio out via Toslink and Coax ports

We hope to have them in stock the day they ship!