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Recap of TiVo Tips on the WeaKnees Site

Maybe it’s because everyone is getting these as gifts around this time, but we’ve been getting lots of requests for the tips pages. They are here:

TiVo 30 Second Skip

Sort your Now Playing List (primarily for older units that can’t sort by pressing enter)

Season Pass Tips

That’s the list of what we’ve got so far!

13 replies on “Recap of TiVo Tips on the WeaKnees Site”

How do you get RID of the “onscreen clock and elapsed time indicator”?

{Don’t forget the onscreen clock and elapsed time indicator: Select-Play-Select-9-Select}

When are we going to get a software upgrade to actually do what the advertisement said it would do whe I decided to buy my first TiVo! “Record your favorite shows while you sleep onto a VCR” Well I guess they only thought we took One hour naps or the length of a movie. Well now we have DVD recorders which weren’t even available when I bought my first TiVo to be able to record shows on and we still can’t get a a geek programer to give us a list to choose say up to 8 shows for an 8hr video tape to record while we sleep. This can’t be that difficult. I guess someone must be getting some under the table money to avoid doing this? Please help!

I have the RS-tx20 Toshiba TIVO …IS it possible to format the internal drive before I make the decision to purchase another one by your company….Is there software that has to be loaded on the hard drive in order for it to work ???

Since the last Tivo software “upgrade,” I can no longer get the timeline bar out of my way by pressing: Select-Play-Select-Pause-Select. Is this feature now gone forever?

I just upgraded to HR21-700C and one thing I don’t seem to find is slo mo. The only way I have found is the pause and then going one frame at a time. I really like the slo mo when I’m watching sports. This was for both live viewing and playing TIVO recordings.

My video inputs went bad on my tivo does anyone know were i can just buy the inputs tivo is no help they want me to but a new tivo and a new lifetime package

Does anyone know how to connect two Tivo Blue tooth slide controls to a single Tive Premier and not cause it to stop responding to either control??

on my roamio ota,got message external hdd notconnected.unpugged ota,hdd and e sata for 5 minutes.plugged in hdd,e sata and gren screen message unit was in 3 hr self repair same 3 hr repair message tonight.both times unit was up in 10 minutes.any suggestions?thanks

2 problems: 1) I keep getting an error message V301 on my older TiVo when I watch Prime video. 2) Ever since my dog pushed something on the remote, I get the annoying Seri lady announcing everything except when I’ve lost internet connection.

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