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R10 and R15 Confusion

We’ve been getting more and more phone calls – a lot today – from customers who ordered a TiVo from DirecTV and got an R15. You might only notice if you were familiar with the TiVo interface, so this may be a much larger problem. But in any event, it seems that the phone reps at DirecTV don’t differentiate between “TiVo” and the generic term “DVR” and they’ve made at least a handful of customers pretty unhappy.

One such customer claimed to have the order for a TiVo in writing specifically using the word “TiVo” and if we can get a scan of that, we’ll post it.

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I was promised a “tivo” and got a lousy r15. Luckily the r10 is practically free after the rebate.

if you order a “tivo” from direct tv, you will get a “Direct Tv DVR” either a r-10 or an r-15. i have gone through a 3 month battle with direct tv, over this. heres the story.
i ordered a “tivo” over a year ago and perfectly happy with it, order another around the first of 06, was promised a “tivo” got an r-15 (the r-15 has software issues) so to make a long story short, i made various calls to the service center at direct tv (over a 3 month time period) talked to various agents in the customer service, their second tier techs, and several supervisors, everyone of them promised a “tivo” would be sent. i NEVER received a “tivo” just 4 r-15’s which i kept sending back, however they did give me a $100 credit for the “problem” so i kept the last r-15 (since they paid for it), contacted weknees and purchased a re-con phillps “tivo” which works great. my advice if you want a “tivo” buy it from these guys and save yourself the problems. i now keep the r-15 as the picture in picture receiver on my big screen and set it for manual recordings only.

Question: I just read from this “blog” u can order a r10 from weakness? How and where some one plz e-mail me a link or tell me where to go for ordering. [email protected]


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