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A Night without TiVo

Weakneesers took a break from the holiday shopping season for some action at Furaibo. How could we miss MustSeeTV Thursday? Happily, our DVRs were chugging away at home recording The Cosby Show and Cheers.

We left the digitalia at the office except for the requisite dig cams, and Mel toted her iTunes phone, so there was some MP3-age (AAC-age?) to be had. The orts were tasty as demonstrated here by Max “Skewer” Power,
and throughout the evening by an underground Hanpen eating contest between Eric and Jason (ah, but which?). What’s Hanpen? It’s a little to early in the morning to describe this fried wonder, but just remember the rule: one is great, two are good, three are deadly.

WeaKnees mascot Doem Lyte was in attendance, taking a break from his hectic social schedule.

You couldn’t slip an oyster past these guys.

And what was he drinking?

No Karaoke to follow.

One reply on “A Night without TiVo”

Nice to get a little peak into the folks behind the site. 🙂

Will any of you be attending CES next month? I’m looking forward to it – both for TiVo’s latest, and Blu-ray info. Though I’m not looking forward to the walking. 🙂

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