TiVo Repair

Fixing older TiVos is definitely high on the list of why people find our blog. So here is a list of areas where you can learn more about how to diagnose and repair your TiVo, or how to have your TiVo fixed professionally.

WeaKnees Flat Fee TiVo Repair page – This is the most hands-off way to get any problem on a TiVo repaired. We recently added this option to make life easier for people who want to just send us a unit and get it back, working. This is also the only way in which we’ll do motherboard repairs on the TiVo models covered.

WeaKnees TiVo Repair and Troubleshooting Info – We have many, many pages on our site dedicated to helping TiVo users diagnose problems with their units. In most cases, we are able to offer a D-I-Y solution to fixing problems, sometimes via software and sometimes involving replacement parts.

WKForums TiVo Repair forum – This is a great place to read posts from other TiVo users with potentially similar problems, and to post your own questions for WeaKnees experts and other community members to answer.

TiVopedia TiVo Repair info – A companion site offering some other information about fixing TiVos.

fixmytivo.com TiVo Repair website – A site that offers help based on starting with the symptoms of the problem.

WKBlog TiVo Repair category – Click this to get a list of all blog entries we’ve posted about TiVo repair.