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The Terabyte TiVo Has Arrived

Beginning today, WeaKnees is shipping the Terabyte TiVo – a TiVo DVR with dual 500 GB hard drives for a total of one terabyte of capacity. This unit can record 130 hours of HD content, 870 hours of SD content, or some of each. The units are here. For now, due to the number of drives we have, we only have these drives pre-built in the DirecTV HR10-250 TiVos, but we’ll have them in standalones, DVD burners, and R10s soon enough.

These units are in very short supply due to the scarcity of the 500 GB drives. We have a bunch that we’ll have in customers’ hands before Christmas. We’re not yet sure when the next batch will be in.

If you’re looking for a kit comprised of one or two 500 GB drives, email us with the specifics of what you want, and we can get you the price and expected availability.

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