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DIRECTV C31 Now In Stock!

DIRECTV has been promoting their new Genie system pretty heavily. The Genie is essentially one HR34 HMC (we’ve got those in stock also) and one to three C31 clients.

The C31 is a nice, small unit that was designed to work only with an HR34. It uses the tuners and storage of the HR34.

Since it does so little on-board, the actual component is extremely small – great for mounting behind a flat-screen TV.

You can order a C31 here.

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DirecTV TiVo THR22 Should be Shipping 1/30!

While the date is still an expectation and not a guarantee, we think it’s accurate. So if you’ve been holding off on ordering a new THR22 DirecTV TiVo because you didn’t know when we’d have them, now is the time to order!

We do still have a long list of people in line for these units, but we think we’ll get a pretty good allocation, and that should cover all we have on back-order, plus any orders between now and the 30th.


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Upgrades for your THR22 DirecTV TiVo

Got a THR22 already? We can upgrade it!

We know that not many of the new DirecTV HD TiVo DVRs are out there yet, but we’re already getting upgrade requests. So it’s official! We’ve got upgrade options. We can get up to 2 TB in your unit, for up to 300 hours of HD.

See our DirecTV TiVo THR22 Upgrade page.

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Upgraded DIRECTV TiVo THR22 DVRs are Coming!

We’re still in the testing procedures here, but we expect to have upgrades for these units in the new year.

Here’s a screenshot of a 2 Terabyte THR22:

More information as we have it . . .

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The DIRECTV TiVo Is Finally Out – Sort Of . . .

It’s the day many in the DIRECTV TiVo world have been waiting for, December 8. Today is the day DIRECTV has been promising as the release date for it’s “new” DVR based on the TiVo OS. And, according to both TiVo and DIRECTV it’s available. In limited release. In certain markets. Through DIRECTV only.

OK – we TiVo lovers will take what we can get, so this is better than nothing. Given the limited availability of this DVR and  worldwide hard drive shortages, it sure smells like a “let’s get it out in 2011” Hail Mary.  Since authorized DIRECTV retailers won’t get the box until next year, we here at weaKnees have yet to see a physical unit.

Next up, what actually is it? Well, the THR22 is largely an HR22 DIRECTV HD DVR running different software, and shipping with a TiVo peanut remote. Unfortunately, this means the hardware is a bit behind the latest and greatest, smaller-size, faster-running, DIRECTV HD DVR HR24, but, again, beggars can’t be choosers.

And there are some trade-offs involved here. On the plus side, you get the TiVo interface (no, not the HD TiVo interface on TiVo Premiere units, but the SD interface from earlier models). You can record MPEG4 HD channels on TiVo (finally!) and you get the TiVo peanut remote, instead of the rectangular DirecTV remote (more on the remote later).

On the minus side, no Whole Home DVR (also called Multi-Room Viewing, or MRV), no NOMAD or iPad support, no 3D, and some other issues. Now, this unit is capable, hardware-wise, of these options, so there’s a chance that TiVo and DIRECTV will update the software to enable these features over time. But, given the slow pace of software development on this project thus far, we aren’t holding our breath.

Details are still coming about this new release, and we’re sure there are a lot more questions about it than we’ve answered here, but here’s one more tidbit. The peanut remote for this unit will reportedly run DIRECTV IR codes, not TiVo IR codes. That’s good and bad. Current TiVo peanut remotes (including the TiVo Slide Remote) won’t work with this new unit, as far as we understand. But this special peanut remote WILL work with other DIRECTV HD DVRs. So if you have an HR24 and you’re happy with it except for the remote, getting your hands on the new peanut might be the answer.

For us at weaKnees, of course, some of us will be getting these THR22s, partly to learn about them more fully, and partly because we’ll opt for the TiVo interface over the lost features and speed of the HR24. Also, being weaKnees, we want to know how much capacity we can cram into these units. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how upgrades will work. But we’re on the case, and we’ll post what we know, when we know it.

Meanwhile, we’re being told we’ll have an inventory of THR22 boxes early next year, when the boxes roll out nationally. We hope to be offering upgrades sooner than that.

Stay tuned. We’ll be posting more info here in the coming weeks.