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Upgraded TiVo Premieres are Shipping!

As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been working hard on getting the new TiVo Premiere HD upgraded in a rock-solid configuration, and, after much more testing, we’re happy to say it’s a complete success! We even have a new maximum capacity available: 4 Terabytes – that’s enough storage for up to 640 hours of HD recording.

These units are now in stock and ready for sale – you can find them on our website here:

TiVo Premiere HD DVR – Stock and Upgraded

We’re able to upgrade both the TiVo Premiere and the TiVo Premiere XL to the same capacities, thanks to lots of new code inside these units. So you can get a 2 TB internal drive in either one, or you can get either with a 2 TB internal and a 2 TB external if you want it.

Here’s a screenshot from our new largest TiVo ever:

The 4 TB TiVo Premiere

And, of course, we’ll have upgrade kits on the site and shipping soon also!

Product Information TiVo News TiVo Upgrade WeaKnees News

weaKnees Upgrades the TiVo Premiere to 4TB!

This blog post should have written itself, but I couldn’t pick a headline.

Store 5,600 hours of TV on your TiVo Premiere!

Record 639 HOURS of high-def TV on your new TiVo Premiere!

weaKnees upgrades the TiVo Premiere to 4TB!

weaKnees produces the biggest TiVo ever, again!

About 640 HD Hours on one TiVo!

Whatever the case, if you’re reading this, you’re likely enough of a TiVo fan to know that the TiVo Premiere started shipping a little over a week ago. However, due to some changes in the way and location that data is stored on the Premiere, upgrading the box was not the same as earlier models.

Just as with the TiVoHD and TiVoHD XL, new tools had to be developed. Fortunately, we have some very talented folks behind the scenes (and a hearty, warm and huge thank you goes out to the one largely responsible!), and once again, we have an upgrade solution up and running.

We haven’t put the kits up on the site quite yet because we want to do some additional testing, but the 4TB kit consists of a 2TB inside the TiVo and a 2TB external. We expect to have 2TB internal kits available for both the Premiere and the XL, and likely will have a 1TB and 1.5TB kit to replace the 320gb in a Premiere.

And, of course, we’ll have a variety of complete units for sale soon, topping out with a 4 TB TiVo Premiere XL.

Keep watching the blog for more info. You can also subscribe to our email list to be notified when these units are ready to go!

Customer Shipment TiVo Upgrade

Old-style TiVo Upgrade Bracket

There’s always something new coming through here. Check out this one:

Duct Tape Bracket

Amazingly, given the age of the unit and the drives, it seems to have worked like this for several years. That’s pretty shocking to us, considering how that foam below the Maxtor would just hold the heat right against the drive. And the duct tape (haven’t seen it in that color before) keeps the whole thing vibrating nicely.

People, PLEASE! Spend the $14 for a TiVo Series1 upgrade bracket in the future!

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DirecTV HD TiVo Update

The update is:

No update. Sorry. We’re still hearing 2010.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to get some sort of update, we just can’t get anyone to talk about the release date. But we decided to post on the blog because we get SO many inquiries about this. We think this will be a very popular product.

Of course, since our two biggest interests are TiVo and DirecTV, we may be uniquely positioned to hear from everyone who wants information. But it’s a lot of people, generating a lot of pent-up demand.

If you want the latest news (when there actually is some), we’d recommend you:

1 – Sign up on TiVo’s list for DirecTV information.

2 – Sign up on our general list for TiVo and DirecTV news.

3 – Watch this blog.

4 – Follow us on Twitter.

As soon as we have any news, we’ll likely post it to here and on Twitter, and if it’s substantial, we’ll probably send out an email.

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TiVo Unveils Plans for Digital Transition, 2009

We have previously written about the transition from off-air analog signals to off-air digital signals, set to occur in February, 2009. Remember that this change really impacts those who get television signal from an off-air antenna (rabbit ears). If you subscribe to cable or satellite service, those providers are generally unaffected by the transition.

For those that DO rely on off-air antenna signals and have a Series 1 or Series 2 TiVo (basically any TiVo other than the TCD648250, TCD652160 and TiVos with DIRECTV built-in), the transition to all-digital signals will absolutely impact your TiVo and its ability to record.

Those in this situation have several choices:

IF YOU HAVE A SERIES 2 TiVo (TiVo-brand starting with TCD1XXXX, TCD2XXXXX and TCD540XXX, any Humax-branded TiVo, Sony SVR3000 or any Toshiba-branded TiVo):

1) Continue using the Series 2 Tivo and get a compatible converter box.

2) Get an HD TiVo that can handle and convert the digital broadcasts.

3) Get cable or satellite.

Option #1: TiVo has released a list of compatible converter boxes (see the “Converter Boxes” tab after clicking link, or see the list below). These boxes will take a digital signal from an off-air antenna and convert it into an analog signal. The converter box contains a tuner. It will map the digital signal into an analog station and sent it out to your TiVo in a format that the TiVo can read. In order to change channels, the TiVo will have to communicate and control the converter box using an IR Blaster Cable. To cut the cost of the converter box, you can apply for a $40 coupon (limited supplies) from the Federal Government to help pay for the cost of the box. Remember that as of this date, the converter boxes will not work with your TiVo–you will need to wait for a software update before the TiVo can control the converter box.

Compatible Converter Boxes

Option #2: Get a TivoHD. These boxes are truly outstanding, are fully ready for the digital world, and can output high definition. The HD part may not be important if you don’t have an HD television, but you’ll be ready if and when you do change out your TV. The catch is that if you have lifetime service on your old Series 1 or Series 2, TiVo is not currently offering any transfer options. You would have to get new service on the TiVoHD and then sell or give away the Series 1 or Series 2.

Option #3: If you decide to abandon your antenna and go with satellite or cable, your Series 1 or Series 2 TiVo will work with just about any cable box and satellite (from DIRECTV, DISH Network and providers in Canada) set top boxes.

*Here is a list of the supported boxes:

Supported Models

  • Insignia NS-DXA1
  • Venturer STB7766G
  • Magnavox TB100MW9
  • RCA DTA 800A
  • GE 22729
  • Zenith DTT900
  • Channel Master CM-7000
  • Lasonic LTA-260
  • Philco TB100HH9
  • Samsonic FT300A
  • Tivax STB-T9
  • Artec T3Apro
Not Supported

  • Digtial Stream DTX9000
IF YOU HAVE A SERIES 1 TiVo (HDR-series or SVR2000):
It’s a bit murkier for you, but as of now, TiVo is suggesting that it is not releasing a software version to make these units compatible with digital converter boxes. Series 1 owners using antenna signals are being told that Option 2 or Option 3 are the only options. For a limited time, Series1 owners (presumably, only those using antenna signals) can get a refurbished HD DVR for $100 and TiVo will move lifetime service for an additional $300. Not a bad deal at all.
Series1 Digital Transition