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DirecTV HD TiVo Update

The update is:

No update. Sorry. We’re still hearing 2010.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to get some sort of update, we just can’t get anyone to talk about the release date. But we decided to post on the blog because we get SO many inquiries about this. We think this will be a very popular product.

Of course, since our two biggest interests are TiVo and DirecTV, we may be uniquely positioned to hear from everyone who wants information. But it’s a lot of people, generating a lot of pent-up demand.

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As soon as we have any news, we’ll likely post it to here and on Twitter, and if it’s substantial, we’ll probably send out an email.

2 replies on “DirecTV HD TiVo Update”

What a shame that in a market driven economy, such pent up consumer demand can’t get a decent timely response from the companies involved.

I’m still waiting, but not so patiently anymore.

Directv personnel were at Sams Club trying to sign people up. When asked about the upcoming Tivo DVR they said around February 2010. Directv was launching a new Satellite on Dec. 29th which was the key to the new Tivo DVR. Let’s hope its February! That’s truly just around the corner.

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