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TiVo THR22 for DIRECTV Coming in Today

We’ve got tracking info – our first shipment of these will be in today.

We’ll be working hard to get as many out today as possible.

If you’re looking for a THR22, order soon. We’re working through our backorder list, but we don’t expect to have many left after we finish off the list. And we’re not sure when our next shipment will arrive.

DIRECTV THR22 at weaKnees

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Available for Pre-order: the DIRECTV TiVo with up to 302 HD Hours

It’s solid and it’s ready – the new DirecTV TiVo. We just need to get a big shipment!

For now, though, we’re taking pre-orders in four configurations, so you can get in line for your DIRECTV THR22 HD TiVo and we’ll ship as soon as we can.

It’s finally out, and while the waiting isn’t quite over yet, we’re doing our best to get these in stock faster than anyone, and then to ship right away.

So come and place your pre-order and reserve an early spot on the list. If you need to cancel before we ship, that’s no problem!

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2 TB Drives for More HD TiVos

Today, we’re debuting 2 TB single-drive internal kits for two very popular TiVo models: The TiVo HD and the original TiVo Series3.

With these kits, your TiVo will be able to record about 320 hours of HD, or just a ton of SD.

For several years we’ve had 2 terabyte solutions for the TiVo Series3 and the TiVo HD that consisted of an internal 1 TB drive and an external 1 TB drive. Now, we’ve got upgrades of a single 2 TB drive in the unit – no external needed.

This is the better scenario for several reasons including fewer cables, lower power requirements, simpler installation and setup, and, of course, a lower price.

The 2 TB single drive internal TiVo upgrade kits are now available for these two models:

TiVo Series3 TCD648250B

TiVo HD TCD652160

In addition, we’ve been selling single 2 TB upgrades for these three models for a while now – and we’ve lowered the price of these kits as of today:

TiVo HD XL TCD658000

TiVo Premiere TCD746320

TiVo Premiere XL TCD748000

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Lower Prices on TiVo HD XL

The TiVo HD XL is the last and the greatest of the Series3 TiVo DVRs. It has THX sound, a Glo remote with the 1-2 switch, and can accept two CableCARDs.

Since TiVo has stopped producing these units, we’ve got some special pricing deals on them, while supplies last.

The base unit is down from $499 to $349 and, if you get the special on our homepage before it’s gone, you can get the 2 Terabyte unit that holds over 300 hours of HD for $599!

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Upgrade Kits for TiVo Premiere are Ready, Too!

We’ve just gotten the full upgraded TiVo Premiere units up on our site this week, so you knew the kits wouldn’t be far behind.

Well, they’re here now!

TiVo Upgrade Kits for TiVo Premiere

TiVo Upgrade Kits for TiVo Premiere XL

One of the great features of these new kits is that you can now get a single 2TB internal drive for either unit. With the previous TiVo DVRs (the TiVo HD series) the 2TB internal was only available for the TiVo HD XL. But now you can order a 2TB single internal drive for either Premiere, so you can get more internal storage for a pretty good price!

As always, our kits are easy to install, they’re plug-and-play, and they ship with instructions and tools.

The one configuration we don’t have yet on the site is our backup solutions. We’re working on those, and we hope to have them available before too long. Just a little more testing there . . . we want to be sure they perform perfectly.