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2 TB Drives for More HD TiVos

Today, we’re debuting 2 TB single-drive internal kits for two very popular TiVo models: The TiVo HD and the original TiVo Series3.

With these kits, your TiVo will be able to record about 320 hours of HD, or just a ton of SD.

For several years we’ve had 2 terabyte solutions for the TiVo Series3 and the TiVo HD that consisted of an internal 1 TB drive and an external 1 TB drive. Now, we’ve got upgrades of a single 2 TB drive in the unit – no external needed.

This is the better scenario for several reasons including fewer cables, lower power requirements, simpler installation and setup, and, of course, a lower price.

The 2 TB single drive internal TiVo upgrade kits are now available for these two models:

TiVo Series3 TCD648250B

TiVo HD TCD652160

In addition, we’ve been selling single 2 TB upgrades for these three models for a while now – and we’ve lowered the price of these kits as of today:

TiVo HD XL TCD658000

TiVo Premiere TCD746320

TiVo Premiere XL TCD748000

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