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Upgrade Kits for TiVo Premiere are Ready, Too!

We’ve just gotten the full upgraded TiVo Premiere units up on our site this week, so you knew the kits wouldn’t be far behind.

Well, they’re here now!

TiVo Upgrade Kits for TiVo Premiere

TiVo Upgrade Kits for TiVo Premiere XL

One of the great features of these new kits is that you can now get a single 2TB internal drive for either unit. With the previous TiVo DVRs (the TiVo HD series) the 2TB internal was only available for the TiVo HD XL. But now you can order a 2TB single internal drive for either Premiere, so you can get more internal storage for a pretty good price!

As always, our kits are easy to install, they’re plug-and-play, and they ship with instructions and tools.

The one configuration we don’t have yet on the site is our backup solutions. We’re working on those, and we hope to have them available before too long. Just a little more testing there . . . we want to be sure they perform perfectly.

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