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Available for Pre-order: the DIRECTV TiVo with up to 302 HD Hours

It’s solid and it’s ready – the new DirecTV TiVo. We just need to get a big shipment!

For now, though, we’re taking pre-orders in four configurations, so you can get in line for your DIRECTV THR22 HD TiVo and we’ll ship as soon as we can.

It’s finally out, and while the waiting isn’t quite over yet, we’re doing our best to get these in stock faster than anyone, and then to ship right away.

So come and place your pre-order and reserve an early spot on the list. If you need to cancel before we ship, that’s no problem!

2 replies on “Available for Pre-order: the DIRECTV TiVo with up to 302 HD Hours”

I am hoping you guys will also be selling spare TIVO remotes for the THR22. I have heard that it is customized for the THR22 so just any TIVO remote can’t be substituted.

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