TiVo DVRs Rebooting at the End of a Recorded Show

Posted on September 10th, 2014, by Jeff

Over the last 3-4 days, we have had a rash of calls from TiVo customers reporting that their TiVo DVRs are rebooting at or toward the end of a recorded show. Early calls were from Series3 owners, but we’ve now heard from a Series2 owner as well.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you press the TiVo button at the end of the show (to bring you back to Now Playing) or whether you delete the show. In either case, the unit reboots spontaneously. We believe that TiVo is aware of the problem and is working on a solution, but you should not assume that your TiVo itself has a problem. If you want some peace of mind, you can always run a hard drive test using the Kickstart 54 TiVo hard drive test.

EDIT (9/11/14): TiVo is reporting that they have resolved the problem. Please force an update on your TiVo DVR.

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TiVo Mini with Lifetime Service is Currently $149.99 at WeaKnees!

Posted on September 7th, 2014, by Michael

Starting today, September 7, TiVo Minis purchased directly from WeaKnees include Product Lifetime Service! This means NO additional monthly fee to use Minis. The price for this package of Mini and service is $149.99 – that’s a $100 savings over the pre-promotion price of $99.99 for the hardware and $149.99 for the Lifetime Service.

If you have any 4 or 6 tuner TiVo DVR, you can use up to three Minis with it to see live TV, recorded shows, and much more, in other rooms.


TiVo Mini DVR Companions are compatible with:

Minis require a hard-wired link to the main DVR. This can be ethernet or coax – but coax might require a MoCA adapter in some configurations. Minis are NOT compatible with Wifi.

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DIRECTV GenieGO 2 is in Stock!

Posted on August 19th, 2014, by Michael

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the DIRECTV GenieGO 2, and it’s here!


The GenieGO allowed DIRECTV customers to stream and copy shows from most current DVRs to their phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

The GenieGO 2 is 2-3 times faster, and includes a coax port, SWM splitter, and coax cable to make installation much, much easier!

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ACT FAST! TiVo Roamio Plus/Pro Direct from TiVo at Insane Prices

Posted on July 15th, 2014, by Jeff

We have been selling TiVo DVRs for well over a decade now and I don’t think we have ever seen a situation quite like this one. TiVo is selling the Roamio Plus and Roamio Pro DVRs with lifetime service at far under our wholesale cost. The Roamio Plus is $599.98 with lifetime TiVo service and the Pro is $799.98 with service. Even for existing TiVo subscribers, this is a significant discount.

This will not last long (and we’ll probably remove this post once the sale is over).

Once you have your unit in hand, you can order a weaKnees TiVo Upgrade Kit to add capacity.

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Series1 “Failed While Loading Series” Problem: Fixed!

Posted on June 3rd, 2014, by Michael

Back in February, a problem surfaced where many Series1 TiVos began having problems acquiring guide data. These units would hang at 12% with a message saying “failed while loading series.” As you can see from the comments in that post, people were not happy.

As the months went by without a fix, we started to investigate more carefully, and we found a way around the problem: a replacement hard drive.

We found that the problem wasn’t affecting all units, so once we found units that didn’t have the problem, we cloned the software to the units that did have the problem, and we found that it went away. The units started completing setup and acquiring guide data.

If you’d like to order a replacement drive that doesn’t have this problem, see our TiVo Upgrade page.

If you’d like us to reformat your drive with this software, see this page.

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