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TiVo HD Flashing Green Light Problems – More Information

The TiVo HD flashing green light problem has become much more prevalent. We’re seeing a lot of these units come through, and we are able to fix just about all of them at this point.


If you have a TiVo HD or TiVo HD XL (TCD652160 or TCD658000) and it gives no video out at all, and a green light flashes on the front, we should be able to fix it.

We have more information about this problem on our website:

TiVo HD with Flashing Green Light

So if you have one of these units with lifetime service, we can help get it running again!

One reply on “TiVo HD Flashing Green Light Problems – More Information”

I have green flashing light with no video. Unplug and try to reboot several times with no success. Left it >30 seconds even overnight unplugged

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