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TiVo Mini with Lifetime Service is Currently $149.99 at WeaKnees!

Starting today, September 7, TiVo Minis purchased directly from WeaKnees¬†include Product Lifetime Service! This means NO additional monthly fee to use Minis. The price for this package of Mini and service is $149.99 – that’s a $100 savings over the pre-promotion price of $99.99 for the hardware and $149.99 for the Lifetime Service.

If you have any 4 or 6 tuner TiVo DVR, you can use up to three Minis with it to see live TV, recorded shows, and much more, in other rooms.


TiVo Mini DVR Companions are compatible with:

Minis require a hard-wired link to the main DVR. This can be ethernet or coax – but coax might require a MoCA adapter in some configurations. Minis are NOT compatible with Wifi.

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TiVo Premiere DVRs all $40-$50 Off

For a limited time, we have cut prices on ALL TiVo Premiere DVRs by $40 to $50. This includes stock units as well as upgraded models. This applies to Premiere, Premiere 4, and Premiere XL4 (Elite) models.


Please note that due to the way our cart works, these may look like permanent price drops, but the discounts are only guaranteed through mid-August.

All units are in stock!

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DirecTV TiVos are Rebooting, Everywhere . . .

Since this past weekend, we’ve been getting flooded with emails and phone calls about DirecTV TiVos rebooting. Reports include basically all units except for the new THR22 HD TiVo. So this DOES include the older HR 10-250 HD TiVo, and all SD TiVos for DirecTV.

While we don’t know the cause of the situation, considering that it clearly affects Series1 and Series2 models all over the country, the source of the problem must be the satellite signal. Many affected units are not plugged into phone lines. And we’ve had no similar wave of reports about either non-DirecTV units, or about DirecTV DVRs that don’t run TiVo.

We do have some queries in to various contacts. But we have no information as of yet.

There’s a thread over on TiVoCommunity that covers the issue. It’s mostly just a list of people saying “yeah, me too” at this point, but if you have this problem, it’s worth keeping an eye on the thread.

We’ll be sure to update everyone if we learn more. Hopefully, the problem will disappear just as mysteriously as it arose.

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TiVo Premiere4 DVR is Out! 4 Tuners, Starting at $249.99

There’s a new Premiere model out, and it’s the TiVo Premiere4.

There are now four different models of TiVo Premiere (and we sell them all). But this makes the landscape a little confusing.

The TiVo Premiere4 DVR can record up to four channels at once, all from digital cable, and all with one CableCARD. It comes with a 500 GB drive, and we have larger versions ready to go with up to 2 TB of space internally, or even 4 TB of space if you don’t mind having an external drive in the mix.

This unit comes standard with an HDMI cable and a TiVo Peanut Remote. It’s compatible with the TiVo Slide Remote, various Wifi adapters, and, of course, all of the great phone and tablet apps.

Please see our list of all models of the TiVo Premiere4.

Like we do for every TiVo model, we have upgrade options for the TiVo Premiere4 ready to go!

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DirecTV TiVo THR22 Should be Shipping 1/30!

While the date is still an expectation and not a guarantee, we think it’s accurate. So if you’ve been holding off on ordering a new THR22 DirecTV TiVo because you didn’t know when we’d have them, now is the time to order!

We do still have a long list of people in line for these units, but we think we’ll get a pretty good allocation, and that should cover all we have on back-order, plus any orders between now and the 30th.