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DirecTV TiVos are Rebooting, Everywhere . . .

Since this past weekend, we’ve been getting flooded with emails and phone calls about DirecTV TiVos rebooting. Reports include basically all units except for the new THR22 HD TiVo. So this DOES include the older HR 10-250 HD TiVo, and all SD TiVos for DirecTV.

While we don’t know the cause of the situation, considering that it clearly affects Series1 and Series2 models all over the country, the source of the problem must be the satellite signal. Many affected units are not plugged into phone lines. And we’ve had no similar wave of reports about either non-DirecTV units, or about DirecTV DVRs that don’t run TiVo.

We do have some queries in to various contacts. But we have no information as of yet.

There’s a thread over on TiVoCommunity that covers the issue. It’s mostly just a list of people saying “yeah, me too” at this point, but if you have this problem, it’s worth keeping an eye on the thread.

We’ll be sure to update everyone if we learn more. Hopefully, the problem will disappear just as mysteriously as it arose.

16 replies on “DirecTV TiVos are Rebooting, Everywhere . . .”

Well, I just got my refurb’ed Maxtor HD in my R10 unit. The replacement went smoothly, but my unit is still doing the rebooting every 8-10 hours… Oh well, I have a spare HD now, since it appears that my old HD is OK. I hope Directv clears things up fast. This is annoying…

This has been going on since election day. Why NOT just roll the software back. And, review the software changes closely that were made from November 7th forward.

How can a company allow a massive problem like this continue!

My box is rebooting twice an hour now around 28 and 58 past the hour. There must be millions of us affected …… Perhaps they dream that everyone will UPGRADE to HD while paying for a new box and upgraded service. I was the first user in my COUNTY decades ago. This is how they treat me????

Start calling headquarters and complain, let them know that you will LEAVE for anouther provider is this is not FIXED SOON. We also need to request a rebate for this months service. Could a power company or phone company get away with this level of service? Take action … millions of calls should get SOME result. Don’t let them tell you that you need a surge protector! Thanks for your help. Rick S. [WA]

I disconected both incoming antenna feed cables and my unit continued to play a “recorded show” past the 58 min point. It had previously rebooted during recorded playback at the 28-58 points.

Clearly the reboot is being caused by some incompatable “code” that is being sent down the sat signals at 28 and 58 min past the hour.

Hope someone can diagnose this issue to stop this crazy rebooting issue.

Rick S [WA]

As of last night reboots are more frequent. Takes us offline for 10+ minutes. Can’t watch anything with a storyline. This morning reboots multiple times in the last hour. Talked to DirectTV who said a refund will be assessed once they fix the problem. This sucks!

I thought it was the fault of my beloved refurbished Phillips DirecTV DVR that I bought from WeakKnees a couple of years ago. It reboots, tells me the satellite needs to acquire all the stations so I can’t watch Live TV, but can watch recorded programs. Which is true for about 15 minutes, then it reboots. Don’t like it, but at least it’s not just my DVR slowly failing.

I also spoke to Directv yesterday and today. They are sorry for the inconvenience and are working to fix the problem. They will be giving credit but can not now since the problem is ongoing. No estimated time of resolution. This whole thing is a fiasco!! The reboots are becoming more frequent. Once the reboot initiates, you’re waiting for at least 10 minutes before you can watch a show. Then, you’re anxiously waiting for the next reboot to occur. You can not record any shows. Inconvenience. What an understatement!!

DirecTV has now disabled the technical forum thread called: DirecTV TiVos are randomly rebooting as they are getting an overwhelming negative response from their customers.

They are on a suicide mission and will be losing many long term customers not to mention the countless lawsuits that will follow.

All DirecTV has to do is get rid of the defective software and re-install their original software that worked properly.

Now that the DirecTV forum link is gone. they have managed to temporarily allow their customers to vent.
DTV Forum link was:

SAME exact issue on my TIVO R10…… Over time DirecTV has been pretty good but this problem looks like it was self-inflicted and they should FIX IT or roll back whatever update caused it. No excuse for them to brick all of our TIVOs.

DTV is doing this intentionally. 2 montha ago my TIVOs started to fail, was connected to phone line and current…they told me it was a bad unit, I looked in system information found they had closed that recorder account, complained and
it was turn back on. They charge much more for each high def recorder, extra charges and they will make millions each month by killing the old tivos. They could
stop this by not telling the unit they need to reboot for a program that doesn’t exit.

I’ve been having this problem on both of mine, just spoke to directv service and they CLAIM that a note newly added by engineering says problem has been identified and will be fixed “by the end of the day today.” We’ll see.

I ordered a replacement power supply for my Series 1. It now appears this was an unnecessary expense. I also got a call from DTV giving me a $10 credit and informing of a software upgrade that corrected the reboot problem.

I believe Direct TV was pulling a scam job and hoping to sell new Tivo units I just about purchased one byself, I knew there was more to thiws story when both of my ticos were doing the same thing. When I called Direct Tv they talked to be about a new Tivo. Now they call on my answering machine and say they are going to take $10.00 off the bill I want a whloe dam month off for all the shows we missed my time looking for new tivo units and trying to find out what was wrong with my tivo units. We cannot allow them to get away with this demand a month free.

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