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More Lifetime TiVos in Stock

From time to time we come into possession of TiVo DVRs that already have lifetime subscriptions. So you can buy one, and never pay a monthly fee on the unit.

Further, TiVo charges $399.99 to $499.99 for the lifetime service alone. So these units are a great deal, especially for a new TiVo user who would be at the $499.99 price point.

We’ve just refreshed our inventory of lifetime units. See our page listing TiVo DVRs with prepaid Lifetime Subscriptions.

4 replies on “More Lifetime TiVos in Stock”

About 11 years ago, we built a house where cable TV couldn’t be accessed. Directv was the option I went with. I also bought TiVo lifetime subscription for $250 through TiVo. That was the best $250 I have ever spent! TiVo and Directv were separate businesses, then they ‘married’, ‘divorced’, now are whatever. I continue to this day to receive my lifetime TiVo access for ALL of my DVRs. Over the years, I have ‘bought’ DVRs and was never told that a DVR was TiVo subscribed. Directv charges for everything. $6.00 here and $12.00 there can all add up to a substantial monthly cost. If you can get a DVR and alleviate some costs, that would help any family’s budget.

Years ago we purchased a lifetime TiVo agreement and two DVRs. DirecTV has been charging me for dvr service and tells me that I’m not on the lifetime TiVo list. How do I prove that we did purchase it if I don’t have any paperwork or receipts from back then? I just assumed DirecTV would always honor it as long as we kept our service with them. I’m very disappointed in their service at this point.

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