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DIRECTV GenieGO 2 is in Stock!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the DIRECTV GenieGO 2, and it’s here!


The GenieGO allowed DIRECTV customers to stream and copy shows from most current DVRs to their phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

The GenieGO 2 is 2-3 times faster, and includes a coax port, SWM splitter, and coax cable to make installation much, much easier!

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DIRECTV Wireless Genie Client C41W Information

We don’t have a ton of information yet about the upcoming C41W – the wireless Genie Client from DIRECTV – but we’ve got some info. We have a new DIRECTV Genie C41W page on our site which will be where we’ll take orders for the item once we have an idea of when we’ll have it in stock.

This unit will work off a wireless signal from a DIRECTV wireless base station. This is NOT a Wifi adapter, nor will a Wifi adapter help or interfere. And, the Wifi built into the HR44 won’t talk to the C41W (although that can bridge internet to the C41W through the proprietary wireless connection).

The C41W will ship with the RC71 remote. DIRECTV says the C41W is expected to work through roughly five walls and 75 feet. Like all wireless products, range and signal quality will vary in every house and simply won’t work everywhere.

One wireless base station can handle all of the clients. But you will also be able to have multiple base stations to get better coverage around your installation. All base stations need to be wired into the SWM network.

More info as we have it . . .

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C41 and HR44 are both In Stock and Shipping!

Just an update to some previous blog posts – both the new DIRECTV Genie Server HR44 and the DIRECTV Genie Client C41 are in stock and shipping.

These are nicer, faster, smaller than their predecessors and both come with the two-way RF remote, the DIRECTV RC71.

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DIRECTV Genie Client C41 Starts Shipping Next Week

Just a quick note – the update to the C31 Genie client, the C41, will begin shipping next week.

See our main DIRECTV C41 Genie client page for ordering information. We are taking pre-orders now.


The main different between the C31 and C41 is that the C41 comes with the new DIRECTV RF Remote RC71.

Earlier this week we also started shipping the DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server.

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DIRECTV GenieGO is Coming!

We expect to have stock tomorrow of the DIRECTV GenieGO!

The GenieGO is a great device that attaches to your network and allows you to stream and even copy shows from your related DVRs to your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. This totally frees you from needing to be in front of your DIRECTV DVR to watch channels – even premium channels!



We’re taking pre-orders now and we expect them to ship tomorrow.

Order here: DIRECTV GenieGO