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DIRECTV GenieGO 2 is in Stock!

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the DIRECTV GenieGO 2, and it’s here!


The GenieGO allowed DIRECTV customers to stream and copy shows from most current DVRs to their phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

The GenieGO 2 is 2-3 times faster, and includes a coax port, SWM splitter, and coax cable to make installation much, much easier!

3 replies on “DIRECTV GenieGO 2 is in Stock!”

Why can’t DirecTV just support TiVo2Go on TiVo boxes? It’s really frustrating that this new version *still* doesn’t support the DirecTiVo!

Really different code runs on these units – I don’t think you’ll ever see TiVo’s PC or Mac software work with DIRECTV units.

The THR22 is a bit of an orphan when it comes to DIRECTV networking products. This GenieGO2 is aimed for all of the HD-DVRs they have, and their Genies.

I just got the GenieGO 2 today and it did not come with the manual or a quick start guide, or any documentation. do you know where I can find a manual or information on it, troubleshooting like for instance what to does the LED light Colors/flashing or solid mean?

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