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The Terabyte TiVo Has Arrived

Beginning today, WeaKnees is shipping the Terabyte TiVo – a TiVo DVR with dual 500 GB hard drives for a total of one terabyte of capacity. This unit can record 130 hours of HD content, 870 hours of SD content, or some of each. The units are here. For now, due to the number of drives we have, we only have these drives pre-built in the DirecTV HR10-250 TiVos, but we’ll have them in standalones, DVD burners, and R10s soon enough.

These units are in very short supply due to the scarcity of the 500 GB drives. We have a bunch that we’ll have in customers’ hands before Christmas. We’re not yet sure when the next batch will be in.

If you’re looking for a kit comprised of one or two 500 GB drives, email us with the specifics of what you want, and we can get you the price and expected availability.

Site Change

Recap of TiVo Tips on the WeaKnees Site

Maybe it’s because everyone is getting these as gifts around this time, but we’ve been getting lots of requests for the tips pages. They are here:

TiVo 30 Second Skip

Sort your Now Playing List (primarily for older units that can’t sort by pressing enter)

Season Pass Tips

That’s the list of what we’ve got so far!

Customer Contacts

R10 and R15 Confusion

We’ve been getting more and more phone calls – a lot today – from customers who ordered a TiVo from DirecTV and got an R15. You might only notice if you were familiar with the TiVo interface, so this may be a much larger problem. But in any event, it seems that the phone reps at DirecTV don’t differentiate between “TiVo” and the generic term “DVR” and they’ve made at least a handful of customers pretty unhappy.

One such customer claimed to have the order for a TiVo in writing specifically using the word “TiVo” and if we can get a scan of that, we’ll post it.

WeaKnees News

A Night without TiVo

Weakneesers took a break from the holiday shopping season for some action at Furaibo. How could we miss MustSeeTV Thursday? Happily, our DVRs were chugging away at home recording The Cosby Show and Cheers.

We left the digitalia at the office except for the requisite dig cams, and Mel toted her iTunes phone, so there was some MP3-age (AAC-age?) to be had. The orts were tasty as demonstrated here by Max “Skewer” Power,
and throughout the evening by an underground Hanpen eating contest between Eric and Jason (ah, but which?). What’s Hanpen? It’s a little to early in the morning to describe this fried wonder, but just remember the rule: one is great, two are good, three are deadly.

WeaKnees mascot Doem Lyte was in attendance, taking a break from his hectic social schedule.

You couldn’t slip an oyster past these guys.

And what was he drinking?

No Karaoke to follow.

Site Change

Shipping Updates

For years we’ve shipped most of our packages out via FedEx, with smaller ones going via United States Postal Service. Now, the big change is, for about the last six weeks we’ve shipped most of our boxes out UPS. Cables and remotes ordered alone with free shipping still generally go out USPS.

The change was primarily based on price. We were offered better rates with UPS, and consequently we’ve been able to reduce our express shipping charges to customers significantly. We still offer free ground shipping of everything we sell (that gets painful with the new 5LNB DirecTV dishes) but now our overnight, 2-day, and 3-day rates to customers are about 20% lower.

In addition, since UPS integrates the ground and express shipping charges, we’ve simplified our shipping process here. One truck arrives, and tracking numbers are more uniform. So far so good.

The other big shipping news here is that we’ve started shipping to Canada. TiVo recently supported using their TiVo DVRs in Canada, and we’ve had an increase in questions from potential customers in Canada. To be sure, there’s no rush of Canadians flooding us with orders, but there are some at this point. The two big drawbacks here are: 1) the rebate for TiVos only includes TiVos purchased for use in the US and 2) shipping isn’t cheap. We’ve been shipping all packages destined for Canada via the USPS, which works fairly well, and is far less expensive than using FedEx or UPS for international shipments.

Lets hope TiVo extends the rebate to our neighbors north of the border – why would Canadians be any less valuable as customers than US residents?