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weaKnees Launches 6TB and 12TB TiVo Roamio DVRs

Today we released the TiVo Roamio, TiVo Roamio Plus and TiVo Roamio Pro in two new capacities: One with a single 6TB internal hard drive (the largest internal drive available), and one with 12TB (one 6TB internal, one 6TB external). Our 6TB drives, as always, are designed for digital video recorders running 24/7.

The 6TB models record up to 960 HD hours.


The dual-6TB models record up to 1,930 HD hours.


We have also released self-install hard drive upgrade kits, both 6TB and dual-6TB, for those who already own a TiVo Roamio, Roamio Plus or Roamio Pro and want to upgrade.

Finally, we have released a 6TB external hard drive, which can be added to an existing Roamio, but the external 6TB is not available for self-installation due to software limitations. The price on these kits includes our work here to attach them to your TiVo, and outbound shipping for the assembly.

We can’t help but recognize the elephant in the room: TiVo’s release of the Mega, which has 24TB and redundancy. We hope to add this monster to our lineup when it is available (and yes, of course we’ll try to get this beyond 24TB when the time comes), but considering the Mega has no release date, we think our 6TB and 12TB options are compelling, especially given the pricing.

All new capacities of complete Roamios and kits are shipping immediately.

5 replies on “weaKnees Launches 6TB and 12TB TiVo Roamio DVRs”

The Weaknees Tivo Romio Pro upgrade to 6 Tb internal is very impressive product. I think I’ll order one for my wife and her LG 55ec9300 OLED 1080p HDtv. IS IT FULLY FUNCTIONAL FOR STREAMING TO AN ANDROID TABLET IF HOOKED UP WIRELESSLY TO HOME ROUTER ? Do I “order’ the lifetime service thru your website or do I order that when activating it on tivo dot com ?

Have been operating the Weaknees 6 TB Tivo Romio Pro for about a month. So far, so good. It is an excellent product.

I’m a bit shy about the 12 Tb model since it has an external drive. Is the Weaknees external HardDrive implementation more reliable than the stock WesternDigital 1 Tb external drive ? Had that fail a couple times with the earlier factory Premiere XL. Just wondering.

Our drive is much, much more stable than those MyDVRexpander drives.

We have a much better case, with a fan inside. The fan is a big part of what keeps these drives working well. We don’t understand how WD could design a plastic case with no fan – that just has no ability to cool the drive.

Our case is metal to conduct the heat away from the drive, and it has an extra-large fan.

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