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Huge Holiday Price Drop on All TiVo Roamio Models! (And introducing the TiVo Mini RF!)

We have just dropped prices on all TiVo Roamio models! The base-model Roamio has dropped $50. The Roamio Plus has dropped by $75. The Pro has dropped by $100. Prices are good through the holiday season, while supplies last.

Remember that the TiVo Mini is still only $149.99, which includes lifetime TiVo service. This fantastic deal means that you can now eliminate all monthly fees for additional TVs in your home by using TiVo Minis in your other rooms. For example, if you purchase a TiVo Roamio Plus for the main TV in your home and subscribe in with lifetime service, you can add multiple Minis around your house and pay your cable company for your programming package and for one CableCARD. No DVR fees. No cable box subscription fees. No fees for additional rooms. And if you’re contemplating the Mini, don’t forget the TiVo Mini RF version, available only at weaKnees, which includes an RF TiVo Remote. With the TiVo Mini RF, your remote will not require a line of sight to the Mini, so you can hide the Mini behind the TV, in a closet or in a cabinet.


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