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Roamio OTA – 2 TB and 6 TB Models in Stock

For those looking for a great, inexpensive way to help them cut the cord with cable, TiVo has introduced the Roamio OTA.

This model ONLY works with an over-the-air antenna, but, as those of you who have used antenna know, this is the best quality HD picture available. There is so much bandwidth available to OTA broadcasters that they use the least compression (less than cable or satellite in most cases) so that produces the best quality picture.

We now sell the Roamio OTA in two configurations: 2 TB for up to 300 HD hours of recording space, and 6 TB for up to 960 hours! In both cases, all storage is internal.

See the Roamio OTA options on our TiVo Roamio page.

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