New TiVo Feature: Bulk Transfer Recordings To your New TiVo!

Posted on March 23rd, 2016, by Jeff

We received word from TiVo that they have launched a new featured aimed at customer who are upgrading their TiVo. If you have a Series3, Series4 (Premiere), Series5 (Roamio) or Series6 (Bolt), you can now bulk transfer recordings from the old TiVo to the new. No more one-by-one transfers!

The transfer process is done online, so both boxes have to be on your TiVo account and be networked. To access the feature, log in here:
If your old TiVo is a Series3, you can only transfer TO a Series4, Series5 or Series6. Series4, Series5 and Series6 units can bulk transfer back and forth.
Kudos to TiVo for giving the people what they want!

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  1. Daniel Faigin Says:

    I’m guessing this wouldn’t cover the DirecTivos then. One thing keeping us from upgrading our TVs is the large backlog on our existing DirecTivo and no way to move it to any new DirecTV DVR or Tivo.

  2. Michael Says:

    Right – not for DIRECTV TiVos. Those can really never redo networking.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Can copyrighted content be transferred?

  4. TiVo Eases DVR Upgrades With Bulk Recording Transfer Tool Says:

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  5. David Lamb Says:

    This doesn’t work for transfer from Series 3 to a Roamio.

    I don’t know when this changed, but I just spoke with TiVo support and they confirmed that the bulk transfer using does NOT work transferring from a Series 3!

    I hate it when companies don’t provide legacy support for their older products. I’ve been with TiVo from the beginning, but this is my last purchase with them.

    Guess I have to manually transfer all my old shows from the Series 3 to the Roamio. This will be a fun couple of weeks. 🙁

  6. Foster Says:

    When I try to identify my Series 3 as the source TIVO there is a message:
    “Check Network Connection
    Please make sure your box is connected to your home network, then try again.”

    Both the Series 3 and the new Bolt are connected to the internet. In fact, I can use TiVo online to transfer season passes from the S3 to the S6, but TiVo online will not recognize the S3 as a valid source for file transfer.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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