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Preliminary BOLT Upgrade Report: TiVo BOLT upgraded to 12TB

We received a large shipment of TiVo® BOLT™ DVRs today and in between processing pre-orders, we managed to get a few BOLT upgrade configurations up and running.

As we suggested previously, the BOLT uses 2.5″ laptop hard drives rather than full-sized 3.5″ drives. This severely limits the upgrade path because laptop drives do not currently come in capacities greater than 2TB.

We have booted the BOLT with the following upgrade configurations so far:

2TB internal 2.5″ drive (240HD hours)

6TB “internal” 3.5″ drive (737HD hours): This is really a full-size 6TB connected to the internal sata port. In our test, the drive drive was just hanging outside the box…this was really just a proof of concept, an experiment, to see what worked. Given the way the BOLT is constructed, it is actually possible to connect an “external” drive to the internal port without too much difficulty but it’s not particularly pleasing aesthetically.

6TB “internal” 3.5″ and 6TB 3.5″ external–12TB (1478HD hours): This is the 6TB above together with an external 6TB.

weaKnees upgrades TiVo BOLT to 12TB
weaKnees upgrades TiVo BOLT to 12TB

We fully hope and expect to be offering upgrades soon. Most likely, we will be offering 2TB internal drives as well as BOLT options that include the factory internal plus an external of up to 6TB. We’ll update the Blog when we have info and you can always find the latest TiVo BOLT options on our website.

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