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Upgraded TiVo BOLTs are Now Shipping

We’ve got the BOLT upgrades tested and ready to go! They start shipping today.

TiVo’s latest generation of DVR, the TiVo BOLT is available from TiVo in two capacities: 500 GB and 1000 GB. These hold about 53 and 110 hours of HD programming, respectively.

Here at WeaKnees we say, That’s Not Enough!


So we’ve got larger options. We have units with 2 TB internal drives, doubling the largest size TiVo makes available, that hold 243 hours of HD recordings. And we have units with an internal and an external drive, with up to 8 TB of storage, for up to just underĀ 1000 hours of HD recording space.

See our whole line of Upgraded TiVo BOLT DVRs.

And if you want a unit with more tuners and more space (but no 4K or commercial skip), we’ve still got full stock of the TiVo Roamio line.

2 replies on “Upgraded TiVo BOLTs are Now Shipping”

Just a pity that it’s not going to be available here in New Zealand.. I live my existing TiVo and will miss it when it dies..

Brand new Bolt has no display after 3 hours worth of setup and updates. I wired everything went through all the setup steps and then it said there was an update that would take “less than one hour”. After an hour and a half, it finally rebooted upon successful completion. Once it’s done with the TiVo boot, there’s no display signal. I can’t even get the TiVo setup screens. If I pull the plug, I’ll get a display again with TiVo startup screen, and then nothing. ARGHHHHHH!!!

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