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More Issues with Series1 TiVo DVRs (HDR- and SVR- series)

Series1 TiVo units are getting the error “Failed while Loading Series” when making the first call during setup. We have informed TiVo engineers of the problem and have provided them with information that we hope will enable them to fix the problem quickly.

If you are experiencing this problem, the only solution, unfortunately, is to wait it out.

Until the problem is resolved, if you have a Series1 TiVo (Philips HDR-series or Sony SVR-2000), we suggest that you do not enter the Guided Setup process unless/until the issue is resolved.

19 replies on “More Issues with Series1 TiVo DVRs (HDR- and SVR- series)”

My tivo (rather aged Hughes box) does not show anything but the frame and logo. Completely unresponsive.
Wondering if that may be related to the other post today. Nor sure if I should do anything but wait.

My Sony SVR-2000 is giving me the “Failed while loading series” message at every daily call. I haven’t had a successful call since February 5.

TiVo: Yes, our Series 1 DVR’s still work. Why does the guide service keep breaking? For a month straight? Really? We paid the money for “lifetime” service. Are you saying you thought your product was more inferior and you didn’t expect it to last this long? Just live up to your agreement, please, and keep the guide downloads working.

My Sony SVR-2000 is also giving me the “Failed while loading series” message at every daily call. I haven’t had a successful call since early in Feb. Yes, I ran guided setup in Dec. but it was making daily calls successfully for about a month after that. Two things I don’t understand..If truly this is affecting all Series 1 users why is there not more of a cry (only 4 comments on this thread) of “FIX IT ALREADY TIVO!!”. And second, if this is affecting a lot of Series 1 users why has TIVO not fixed it already. Wait that’s the same question.

I have also been getting the “Failed while loading series” error for about a month on my Sony SV-2000 series 1 TIVO, but NOT on my Phillips Series 1 TIVO. I concluded that I had a hard disk problem with the Sony TIVO and ordered a new HD preloaded with Instant Cake. That has not solved the problem, and I’m now stuck in the Guided Setup mode and can’t get out.

I appreciate the guys at Weaknees, for trying to get TIVO to fix this. I probably spent 100 bucks for nothing because I’ll bet the old hard drive is still good.

Please keep us posted on progress with TIVO.

This is getting very confusing. As stated before I am getting the ” Failed while loading series” error on my Sony SVR 2000 for over a month. However, what I didn’t mention is that I have another Sony SVR 2000 that is not having the problem. I looked online in the TIVO forum where I found no mention of the problem. I called TIVO and they didn’t seem to have any knowledge of the problem. What gives! If this is truly a wide spread problem with Series 1 TIVO’s why not more of a hue and cry from others. I did replace the harddrive in the last few months which is why I came to Weaknees as I thought it was a warranty issue. So is this a TIVO problem or a drive problem or a problem with the software being loaded on the replacement drive? Can anybody help?

Not only did the Daily Call start downloading corrupted guide data, but it started taking nearly an hour, starting in late January. By the the time I noticed it, I owed AT&T over $100 in domestic call overages. TiVo ought to have a class action lawsuit brought against them at this point.

I have experienced the “Failed while loading series” problem in my Phillips HDR31212 Series 1 TiVo during the past 8 or so weeks, and no successful program updates were done during that period. My hard drive was tested under warranty and reformatted by last week. I have been trying to complete the Setup call for a week, and it has never finished. It fails at the 13% point of loading data. I phoned TiVo support today regarding this problem. I was advised to try different dial-in numbers, but that has not helped.

I wonder what is going on. Which Series 1 units are affected by the “Failed while loading series” problem? How many users are still using Series 1 units? When will the problem be fixed? What is root cause of the problem?

I have 3 Tivo Series 1. All started having the same problem about a month ago where the daily call was failing. The test call works fine but repeated attempts of the daily call always fails. Sometimes it gets as far as 80% indexing but never completes.

I restored a known good backup from years ago to a brand new drive (actually now have tried 3 new drives) and as per some Internet research I increased the swap file partition to 128MB for the 120GB hard drive I am using. Still no luck on getting the guide data.

I have talked to several people at Tivo including a supervisor and they keep insisting that there is no problem at their end. Clearly there is!

I think anyone with this problem should call them, maybe if enough people complain they will actually look into it (obviously Series 1 users are of low priority to them and the fact that they are contractually committed to supplying lifetime guide data has no meaning to them. Maybe it is time for a class action law suit)

I called TIVO tonight and the person I spoke with said that they released an internal note on this issue on March 21st. He said they don’t have a fix yet but when they do our program data will start downloading again. He said there will be no need for action on our part.

The Setup Call is still failing while loading series at 13% in my Phillips HDR31212 Series 1 TiVo. The Test call completes with “Test Succeeded!”.

Anna, thank you for the information you provided above.

TiVo, please restore the service for which I paid.

My TIVO Series 1 is failing the same was a comments above… Importing fails at 13%… Since it is now December 2014, it seem like a fix must have been provided… could someone tell me how to fix this? The comments above are for 8 months ago. I sure hope TIVO has fixed this, or maybe the good guys are WeaKnees figured out a trick? Please help.

Well, my son knocked the phone off the hook in his room and I didn’t notice until I received the message that there was only two days of programming left. I hung up the phone and made a call. It is now hanging on the failed while loading data message. It calls and downloads fine. Just won’t upload anything and crashes. Clearly, this is still not fixed. I’ve deleted everything. And haven’t run guided set up. I read to not do that.

I changed programming from extended basic to digital basic and still have 322 minutes to load. We shall see if that works. I made it past 1% this time. And nope. I sat here the whole entire time making sure it didn’t go off of the screen. Made it to 89% with only 20 minutes left and failed while loading series. Unacceptable.

It looks like an issue occurs when they have to load the entire volume of program data at once and it has been made to no longer handle it. Yes, I said it has been made to. It wouldn’t put it past tivo to “create” a software issue to no longer have to support outdated hardware. It wouldn’t be the first time a company had done that. (See smart phone updates that crash older model phones.) It is pretty simple to make a software change to loop and crash. It is also pretty simple to claim no knowledge and blame hardware failure. I’ve seen it time and time again.

It doesn’t make me want to buy another tivo. I have already purchased three with lifetime subscriptions. Maybe my days of raving about tivo are over.

I think you might have an unrelated issue. If you have only two days of programming left, then you likely have been dialing in successfully for quite some time. One thing you might try is to navigate to the System Reset menu and choose ‘clear and delete program guide data and to do list,’ which might clear up any corrupt data. It is also possible that you have a hard drive problem, but it’s hard to know for sure based on your symptoms.

I have not had any issues w/my DVR 2000 ever until the new menu (leaving only Netflix) was installed. I had failed series but was able to reboot and wait and all seemed well. I was able to do this twice since the menu change (using turbonet) but could not this last time. Can make a successful test call, have checked all boards online and made sure all was set correctly. Tried new phone #, added the 1, then area code (w/ & w/o 1) but nothing worked. I don’t actually see a solution anywhere for today. In 2008, I read you could send in your TSN and get a fix. One other coincidental is that my Inet service just got around to going digital this year and I wonder if the http 1.0 is an issue or the speed change is an issue. I would email the provider if I knew what I was talking about. They knew nothing about how to set up the dual card for the Series 3 and had to do all the homework and send it to them so they could set it up over 1 month so I think they will do as I ask if I know what to ask. So, either Tivo menu change did this or Inet provider changed something. I am hoping someone will check in here with help. Thank you

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