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Series1 “Failed While Loading Series” Problem: Fixed!

Back in February, a problem surfaced where many Series1 TiVos began having problems acquiring guide data. These units would hang at 12% with a message saying “failed while loading series.” As you can see from the comments in that post, people were not happy.

As the months went by without a fix, we started to investigate more carefully, and we found a way around the problem: a replacement hard drive.

We found that the problem wasn’t affecting all units, so once we found units that didn’t have the problem, we cloned the software to the units that did have the problem, and we found that it went away. The units started completing setup and acquiring guide data.

If you’d like to order a replacement drive that doesn’t have this problem, see our TiVo Upgrade page.

If you’d like us to reformat your drive with this software, see this page.

2 replies on “Series1 “Failed While Loading Series” Problem: Fixed!”

This is great news, But what about people like me. My TiVo drive failed at the beginning of the year. I purchased a drive from you and when I installed it I received the “failed while loading series”. I tried everything I could to make it work and I think I “broke” that drive because the TiVo wouldn’t even start. So I purchased another one and still received the same error. After reading other peoples post on the internet, I decided not to do anything but wait for a fix. Now your saying that I have to purchase another drive in order for it to work? Is there a way I could exchange the last drive I purchased for one that will work?
If someone could direct me on what steps I should take next, that would be wonderful.
Thank you.

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