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Crossing the 4 TB Barrier – How About 7 TB?

We’re working hard on getting the TiVo Roamio upgraded beyond its current 3 TB limit. We’ve successfully been upgrading the Premiere line to 4 TB for a few years, so that’s been the largest DVR around.

Currently, we’ve got a 7 TB unit up and running. Not sure how soon we’ll have kits for it, but we’re pounding away at it to make sure it’s stable.

And, as soon as we’re certain it’s stable, you’ll be able to get 1120 hours of HD in your Roamio . . .


4 replies on “Crossing the 4 TB Barrier – How About 7 TB?”

Wow ! That 7 Tb is a very impressive possibility. Keep us posted. Could have multiple seasons of a particular sports team’s dream season(s). All-right Seattle Sounders FC let’s run to a supporter’s shield and multiple M.L.S. Cups in the near future.

1. How many of the 7 TB will be internal hard drive? Because external expanders are less reliable than internal hard drives, lumping both the internal and external TBs together can be deceptive and sounds like teenagers bragging. Please carefully distinguish storage capacity by types.

2. Also, please solve the absence of OTA input for the highest end TiVos. Why should that be a difficult engineering problem to solve? Please end that discrimination faced by OTA TiVo users.

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