DIRECTV is Aware of the Rebooting

Posted on November 19th, 2012, by Michael

If you’ve been following our blog posts about the issues with DIRECTV TiVos rebooting, you’ve seen that we got some internal confirmation that DIRECTV knows about the problem.

They’re now making that information public:

As far as we know, this applies to units beyond just the R10. You can read DIRECTV’s Twitter feed on the subject here.

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  1. dave Says:

    I just called them. Thought this was a hardware (mine) problem. It’s been doing this for a few weeks. The frequency is increasing, so I called and they confirmed it is a software problem on their end. They didn’t provide an ETA, but were very polite nonetheless.

  2. April Says:

    According to the rep I spoke to, it is a glitch in the software and there is no way of knowing how long it will take to get the issue resolved. I’m hoping it’s soon…it’s very hard to watch tv when the DVR resets several times an hour.

  3. Bob Says:

    The Problem is getting worse, it has reboot several times in a hour. at least 4 times. this morning.
    I also called this AM and was told they were aware of the problem and were working on it.

  4. Barb Says:

    I have 2 receivers (Hughes Series 2 and Directv R10) doing the reboot problem. It doesn’t matter whether it’s live TV or the playlist. When you least expect it, “Welcome, Powering up” “Almost there, Just a few more minutes” screens pop up. The ‘few more minutes’ is exceedingly annoying especially when it happens so often. Initially, I thought it was time to replace my old receivers. Weaknees directed me to the blog post of Directv’s recognition of the problem. I called them yesterday and today. They are aware of the problem and are sorry for the inconvenience. Directv could not give a resolution time frame. The other kicker is if I were to replace my hard drives, I loose the stored playlists. There’s also no guarantee the reboot problem would stop.

  5. Me Says:

    Thank You! W.K. for making me aware of the real (most likely) cause of my rebooting issue!
    I called for a new power supply and was informed of the issue.
    Directv has all our info and could easily contact us with an appolgy and explanation – but no. Better to make people think that they should trash the old unit and buy a new one from Directv.

    If we are missing shows they owe us money back – period, it a failure on their part to provide service contracted for.

  6. Mark H. Easter Says:

    My old TIVO rebooted SO MANY TIMES that eventually it DIED and will not even Power ON now! I feel like this is the fault of DirecTV; think I can get the flat rate repair fee refunded?

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