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SDV Tuning Adapters Coming to Orange County, CA

We previously posted about switched digital video adapters coming to Time Warner systems, and it looks like Cox may finally be rolling Motorola adapters out in a big TiVo market close to the weaKnees home–Orange County.

Happy TiVo / Cox Subscribers
Happy TiVo / Cox Subscribers

From this article, it appears that Cox is starting to Beta test adapters, so if you are in The OC and have a TiVo, it might be worth a call.

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After reviewing the article and living in the OC with a Series 3 + Cable Card, I contacted both Cox Network and TIVO. I’m unable to view a rash of newly released channels in HD using the switched digital technology.

Cox advised this is an exclusive TIVO/Motorola Project. They are not involved.

A very polite support person at TIVO did not have scripted information on release dates or to whom I should contact. Advised to watch for announcements from TIVO. None found or received at this writing.

Is there anyone able to point me in the right direction to get on a Beta or General release list?

My guess is that this “project” will take anywhere from 12-18 months to actually make it to the consumer. The cable company doesn’t want people to use cable cards with other devices. They only want people to use their set-top box because that is the way they make the most money. Whenever I have called Cox the support person knows *nothing* about SDV or tuning adapters or how they work with cable cards. Maybe I just get the wrong person on the phone everytime I call.

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