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New TiVos in a Few Big Cities Are Rebooting During Guided Setup

UPDATE: We received a call today, 11/17/09, from a representative at TiVo, who said they had solved this problem. Now, when you are going through guided setup, the TiVo will limit the number of dial-in numbers, and may also limit the area codes. If you need additional numbers or additional area codes, you will be presented with the ability to get more numbers at the bottom of the list. Thanks, TiVo!!

We have had a few customers recently report problems dialing in their new TiVos from big cities. We had a customer in Los Angeles and another in San Francisco face the same problem: During guided setup, immediately before the second dial-in call, the TiVo mysteriously reboots.

After a bit of research (and reports back from customers), problem is that there was a recent surge in the number of available dial-in numbers. Some zip codes have in excess of 300 possible numbers, which causes the TiVo to seize up and reboot. We were able to reproduce the problem using our own zip code.

Until TiVo solves the problem, there are two solutions:

1) Network your unit, rather than use a phone line.
2) Call TiVo customer support and tell them the problem. They will work to find a zipcode that (a) has fewer dial-in numbers, and (b) has your same cable provider and lineup. Once you enter that ‘magic’ zip code, the problem will go away.