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Order a TiVo HD Series3 and get up to $200 back!*

Crazy deal. And here is exactly what you have to do to get it:

  1. Add a Series3
    High Definition TiVo
    to your cart and proceed to checkout.**

  3. Below the Google Checkout button you will find a place for
    a coupon code. Enter the coupon code we emailed to you and click submit. If
    you need the coupon codes, simply join our email
    by October 31st and include the words “need coupons” in
    the comments section; we will reply back with the codes you seek. (You can
    use these coupon multiple times, one coupon per order.)

  5. Click the Google Checkout button. You will automatically
    receive a $10 discount. (This automatic discount can be used multiple times,
    one per order, for any order above $30.)

  7. Once in Google Checkout, enter the coupon code “google10”
    (no quotes) to save another $10. (The “google10” coupon can be
    used only once per person/account.)



  9. After you have completed the checkout process, submit your
    email address and Google Checkout order number on this
    and we will email you a gift certificate*** good for any product
    on our website! NOTE: You must submit a valid Google order number through
    our website to receive
    the gift certificate. No exceptions.


Buy This
You Get This…
…and This!
Total Value
Series3 HD TiVo
32 hours HD / 300 hours SD
instant savings
weaKnees gift certificate
Series3 HD TiVo
60 hours HD / 600 hours SD
instant savings
weaKnees gift certificate
Series3 HD TiVo
100 hours HD / 925 hours SD
instant savings
weaKnees gift certificate


*$200 is a combination of instant savings and a weaKnees gift
certificate for use on a future order.
**All offers and coupons valid through October 31, 2006. Gift certificate requests
must be made by November 15, 2006.
***Gift certificate will be emailed within 10 business days. Gift certificates
are good for any product on our website, can be redeemed online, are transferable,
and are subject to the terms
and conditions
on our website. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed using
Google Checkout. Once a gift certificate received from this promotion has been
redeemed, products purchased in the original order cannot be returned for credit.


Save $20 on a $30 purchase…seriously.

If you get our email, you already know about the coupon codes we sent out for Series3 TiVos. Starting last night, we added a new, simple way to save on just about any purchase on our site. For a limited time, if you use Google Checkout to pay for your order, you will automatically save $10 off of any $30+ purchase (before tax and any expedited shipping charges…ground shipping is free).

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know about the ADDITIONAL $10 off $30 coupon available (for a limited time) if you use Google Checkout.

Picture 2.png

I’ll do the math for you: That’s $20 off a $30 purchase!

And, to make things even better, the $20 off $30 can be used together with the coupons we emailed! You can use THREE DISCOUNTS in one order.

Want specific instructions? Here we go:

1) Add items to your cart that equal or exceed the total required by the coupons you want to use ($30 for the two Google Checkout coupons; higher for our coupons).
2) Enter the coupon code we emailed to you (either $25 off a $750 purchase or $50 off a $1000 purchase). Enter that in the “Coupon Code” box that appears BELOW the Google Checkout button on our site. You MUST enter that coupon code BEFORE you click the Google Checkout button.
3) Then, click the “Google Checkout button. You will immediately see one of the $10 off $30 coupons applied.
4) After you log in to Google Checkout, enter the other $10 off $30 coupon, which we posted in the blog (link above).

Didn’t get the email and want the coupons? Just sign up for our email list by October 12th and put the words “need coupons” in the comments/questions section and we’ll email the coupons to you.

The Google Coupons could expire quickly; the current round of weaKnees coupons expire 10/15.

Thanks for reading.


Series3 TiVo DVRs are shipping!

We just received our inventory of Series3 TiVos. We’ll be working furiously over the next day or two to get our pre-orders out, so if you have a pre-order in, watch for your tracking number by email. The first round of boxes (stock only) went out tonight…. (We got the boxes about 15 minutes before UPS showed up, so we had no time to get anything other than the stock-box orders out.) Tracking numbers for those who bought upgraded TiVos will start rolling out tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

Product Information

Series3 Upgrade Kits Shipping…and more news.

For those who have already purchased (or filled up?) your Series3 TiVo, we’ve got upgrade kits available. They are quite easy to install and we’ll be putting up installation instructions on the website soon. The kits are available in 500GB (60 HD hours) or 750B (100 HD hours), and replace the 250GB in the S3 from the factory. For better or worse, the S3 is so jammed with stuff that there is no physical room for a second drive. Also, for now, the eSATA ports on the unit are disabled, so if you want more space, an upgrade kit is the only way to go.

Also available, COMPLETE Series3 units with up to 100 hours of HD recording capacity….AND you can transfer your existing lifetime TiVo service to a weaKnees unit for $199.

Finally, we have said it many times before, but if you’re not on our mailing list, you are missing discount coupons and other tidbits that could save you money on this cutting edge technology.

TiVo News

Should I turn off my TiVo at night?

We get this question often, in various forms. We have had callers who pull plug on their TiVo when they go sleep, and plug it back in when they wake up (or when they next want to watch TV). Others put the unit in “Standby,” assuming that the unit will stop recording.

Not that it’s worth much, but no one at weaKnees does any of this stuff. We all leave our TiVos on 24/7 (and we all have them connected to a UPS, too, just to beat it in a bit). Here’s why:

First, the TiVo is meant to be running all the time. The thing is meant to allow you to “set it and forget it” (to steal a catchphrase from some infomercial that I remember watching long before I had a TiVo)…so if you ask it record something that happens to be on at 1:30 a.m., it will record. If you shut the TiVo down, it can’t record. So our advice: Never routinely pull the plug.

Second, although “Standby” does serve a limited purpose, it does not cause the unit to stop recording. Rather, this function will do the following (all taken from TiVo’s website):

• Stops sending video and audio from the DVR to the TV.
• Causes the lights on the front of the unit to go out.
• Re-enables Parental Controls if they have been temporarily disabled.
• Enters KidZone Now Playing screen upon return from standby (if KidZone is on, and if your unit has this capability).
• Programs that are being recorded or are scheduled to record will still be recorded (if a program is being recorded the red light will turn on.)
• If you used an RF coaxial cable to connect a program source to the DVR and to connect the DVR to the TV, Standby mode provides RF pass through. This means you can watch channels on your RF program source while the DVR is in Standby mode.

Bottom line: Unless you need to take advantage of one of the items listed below, just keep the unit on.