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New Info on the DIRECTV HD TiVo

TiVo, Inc. released earnings for Q3 2012 today.

In its earnings conference call today, TiVo’s CEO, Tom Rogers said that DIRECTV has indicated that it plans to launch the new DIRECTV HD TiVo “in select markets” in December, 2011.

No word on what “in select markets” means or when we will actually get a supply of these units, but we’ll update the blog as we know more.

We are a bit concerned that the massive hard drive shortages (due to flooding in Thailand) will delay launch.

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Specs from DTV concerning upcoming TiVo dvr/receiver…

We are optimistic that the new TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV will be available for purchase in calendar year 2011.

For now we can tell you that the new TiVo HD DVR will have:

1. Access to over 160 HD channels
2. DIRECTV CINEMA, with thousands of shows and movies to watch instantly
3. TiVo Integrated Search across TV and Video on Demand
4. TiVo WishList Searches and Suggestions
5. DIRECTV DVR Scheduler

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