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TiVo DVRs with Lifetime Available

Most TiVo DVRs require a subscription to TiVo to do anything at all – without the subscription, they’d be a boat anchor.

But TiVo does have the Product Lifetime Service option (PLS) which means that you pay once for service for your unit, and that unit gets TiVo service as long as it’s in operation. PLS costs $499 currently, or $399 if you already have a TiVo account.

Since the PLS is tied to the unit and can’t be moved, we’ve have some units here with PLS on them, for considerably less than $499. So if you’re interested in buying a TiVo DVR that won’t incur monthly service fees, see our page of TiVo DVRs with prepaid Lifetime service.

Prices start at $199.

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