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TiVo Suggestions and Default Settings

Here’s an email we get a lot – and something I always forget to post on the blog: auto-record of TiVo Suggestions.

When customers get a new hard drive from us (we’ve got them for every model TiVo) and they install it and set it up, they find that it’s recording a lot of shows that they haven’t requested. And, shows they don’t want.

This is happening because TiVo Suggestions is on by default – and the new drive is using the default settings. And why are they shows you don’t want? Your thumbs-up and thumbs-down history was on your old drive. So the new drive has very little info to offer to the Suggestion engine.

OK – here’s how to turn it off. Go to:

Settings -> Recording -> TiVo Suggestions

and choose No!

That should do the trick. Now you can just delete the accumulated shows. If you have folders on, you should see them all in a folder marked “TiVo Suggestions”.

5 replies on “TiVo Suggestions and Default Settings”

I’ve always debated whether or not I should thumbs down a show I like, but don’t want to record. I’m afraid giving it thumbs down will make the TiVo think I don’t like it and therefore not recommend similar shows.

How do you delete all the stuff in the TIVO Suggestions folder, all at once? It is all rather worthless, and I would definitely never watch any of it.

@Tom–you don’t. Just let it sit there. It’s doing no harm. Turn off Suggestions if you don’t want them recording.

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