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TiVo: We Need a Keyboard!

At WeaKnees, we’ve always wanted better access to the ¬†letter-entry screens on our TiVos. Originally, we wanted this for finding shows, and creating Season Passes and WishLists.

But now, with the amount of Video on Demand available on these units, it’s becoming untenable to either use a remote with just directional keys, or to shuttle back and forth between a computer or smartphone and a TiVo.

Seems we’re not alone. This NYTimes article talks about a study comparing Amazon VOD to Netflix Streaming (both happily available on many TiVo DVRs) and the while the main conclusion of the small study is that each offering works for a different group of people, each group was united in their need for a better way to manage the possibilities of the video to be streamed.

Enter, the TiVo keyboard. Except, it doesn’t exist. And there are no IR codes for it. Yes, you can do more and more from a computer or a smartphone, but we love our TiVos! We want to do this right in the TiVo interface! Give the people what they want!

9 replies on “TiVo: We Need a Keyboard!”

I’d think our smartphones could BE our keyboards. Let me pull up a TiVo control panel right on my iPhone or iPod touch and use its on-screen keyboard from the couch.

Of course, we could also go the WebTV IR keyboard route. There must be a bunch of those sitting in a warehouse somewhere…

100% True a Key Board would be a great ad on to a large drive TIVO unit. I have gotton real good with the TIVO peanut remote. But still stick a USB port on the side and let us hook up a keyboard.

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