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New DIRECTV HD TiVo “On Track” for 2010, Says TiVo

TiVo just released earnings for Q3. I’ll let you investors dissect the earnings (or lack thereof) yourselves…but for now, here’s a nugget from the press release: “During the quarter, we also continued our progress with our domestic mass distribution efforts. The new DIRECTV TiVo HD DVR is on track for launch next year, and we believe this will provide DIRECTV’s 18 million plus subscribers with the best way to experience television.” (Quote from Tom Rogers, TiVo’s CEO)

Of course, we got no hint as to WHEN in 2010 we’ll see this beauty. Maybe an analyst can ask the question during the conference call? Or maybe we’ll see something at CES, 2010? We’ll be there and will let you know.

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We have been living without HD in Directvland awaiting the new tivo. How much longer do we have to endure? Without tivo (and using the crap Directv calls a DVR- tried it and gave it back) HD is just a fantasy. Hurry it up, TIVO!

What I really want to know is when I can get an HD DirecTV TiVo with BluRay burner. I’m very attached to my TiVo Humax DVD burner, because it lets me put multiple shows on a single DVD.

I have been with Directv since the beginning, I had several Tivo units and are down to my last one and that is failing. Directv is trying to push their DVR on me again, But I am waiting for the new HD Tivo. I also have the HD Tivo cable version to help me pass the time until the new Directv comes out. If the new HD Directv Tivo is anything like the cable version, Boy I can’t wait!!! Directv & Tivo hurry up.

I’ve been a DirecTV subscriber since it first became available … approx 15 years, now.

We’ve had 2 DirecTV Tivo receivers (one SD, one HD) and one DirecTV HR20 receiver. When DirecTV changed its satellite system a couple of years ago, it *cut off* HD from our Tivo HD DirecTV receiver (which did not make me happy one iota). We then added an HR20 so we could receive HD, but my wife *refuses* to use the HR20 because she loves the Tivo UI (user interface).

Our Tivo SD receiver just died, and DirecTV *still* hasn’t launched its new Tivo-based HD receiver! It’s becoming more imperitive that it show up soon. We’re tired of waiting, and darned near dumped DirecTV and switched over to U-Verse last week — and that only failed because our house was far enough from the fiber box that we could only get one channel of HD out of U-Verse. Now it’s a horse race — will AT&T improve bandwidth to our house soon enough that we can switch to U-Verse? Or will DirecTV finally ship its new Tivo HD receiver? (and it had *better* not be prohibitively expensive, as AT&T provides its receivers at only the monthly $6-$7 lease cost, as DirecTV has provided its HR20s — if DirecTV charges a large up-front fee, that also will push us to U-Verse.)

Hey Larry, you can use the DirecTivo with an updated dish. My installer used a 5-LNB dish an viola DirecTivo. Of course, it only gets a handful of HD channels, but it does work.

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