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Series3 TiVos now at $399 and WiFi for Free!

The Series3 TiVo, the first HD TiVo for cable, is an amazing unit – still the only one with a display on the front reading what shows are currently being recorded.

Series3 Front Panel Display


TiVo stopped making this unit and effectively replaced it with the TiVo HD XL. But the Series3 has a lot of fans still, since it has some features that even the new HD XL doesn’t have:

  • The front panel display
  • Ability to accept eSATA drives of any size – even beyond the 500 GB supported on newer units
  • A larger, heavier-duty case
  • CableCARDs go in the back, for less confusion and better kid-proofing
  • Front panel has buttons on the unit itself

The point is: this is a great unit, considered by many to be the gold standard.

And, now, we’re selling this unit, brand new, starting at $399 (more for larger capacities – up to 300 hours in HD) and we’re including a free TiVo wireless G adapter with each unit, while supplies last.


TiVo Series3
TiVo Series3



Shop for the TiVo Series3 before they’re all gone!

3 replies on “Series3 TiVos now at $399 and WiFi for Free!”

As far as I understand, it was just too expensive to manufacture. They found less expensive components for the TiVo HD, and then they just added capacity and THX to make the XL.

Plus they also probably wanted a general refresh.

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