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WeaKnees Debuts TiVo and DVR Backup Systems

If you’ve ever had a hard drive fail – in your computer or in your DVR – you’ve experienced tremendous frustration, if not disaster. Your data is gone, and usually recovery isn’t feasible.

Fortunately, drives do not fail often, and the hard drives we use are specialized and made for DVRs, reducing the likelihood of failure.  However, when 50 episodes of Blues Clues or Sesame Street go down the drain, or if the entire season of Lost is, um, lost, there can be serious family ramifications.

We’re happy to tell you that you can now sleep well at night–we’ve got your back, er, backup.

WeaKnees is now shipping backup systems for DVRs. Upgrade your current DVR to a storage backup unit, or buy a complete new DVR, already set up with backup.

Here’s how the backup system works: we put all of the storage outside the DVR into a special external case that holds two drives. Each drive holds an identical copy of your data. If one drive fails, the other one takes over, seamlessly. You will not notice a thing on your DVR. It will function exactly as it does now and was intended to function. However, if either drive fails, a light on the front will flash alerting you to the failure. You will have plenty of opportunity to then pull the failed drive out and replace it with another…and the unit will automatically copy all of your data from the good drive to the new drive. (For the technically-inclined, this is a standard RAID1 architecture, applied to DVRs. With a backup system in place, your DVR will rely solely on the external drive system and will no longer use the internal drive.)

WeaKnees Backup System External Storage Unit
WeaKnees Backup System External Storage Unit

Our customers have been asking us for years for better ways to protect their data, and we’ve come up with several products to meet those needs, including the TwinBreeze brackets with extra cooling, the PowerTrip startup delay, and our pioneering use of DVR-specific hard drives in upgrade kits. These backup systems are the latest tools in our arsenal in our attempt to keep your TV experience error – and interruption – free.

If you’re looking for a complete TiVo or DirecTV DVR with a backup system, use one of these links, and find the backup option on each page:

And if you already have an HD DVR, you can get our backup system for the models listed below:

If you already have a DVR and want to get a backup system up and running without losing anything you have, contact us for help. We can copy everything from your current DVR onto the backup.

We’re leveraging years of computer RAID technology here and adding our years of DVR experience to create the most stable DVR ever!

As always, if you have any questions, just contact us!

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Any chance you will provide a similar solution for other models in the future? I have an (expanded) RCA DVR80 for which I’d love to have a backup solution.

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