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Toshiba TiVo Remote for SD-H400

We’ve added another replacement TiVo remote to our array of remotes. This is one we haven’t had before – it’s the replacement for the Toshiba TiVo with a DVD player (but not for the Toshiba TiVos with DVD burners – but we have those too).

This was one of the few TiVos that wasn’t compatible with the traditional TiVo Peanut remote – the others were the Sony TiVo units.

This remote has been very hard for us to source, but we finally got a decent enough supply to keep them in stock and to put them up on the site.

See the Toshiba TiVo SD-H400 replacement remote.


Toshiba SD-H400 TiVo Remote
Toshiba SD-H400 TiVo Remote

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