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DirecTV HD DVRs Requiring Restarts Today?

Well, it looks like our customers aren’t alone. We’ve had several customers call with HR2X problems, that were solved by a simple restart. And it looks like this affects a pretty large group of people – at least, those who care to go online to report it.

The problem, as reported, is that the unit seems to be off, and is unresponsive to the remote. Pulling the plug and rebooting the unit seems to solve the problem

More at Engadget.

3 replies on “DirecTV HD DVRs Requiring Restarts Today?”

My HR21 was off overnight and unresponsive this morning. Rebooting fixed, but later in the day it was ON and unresponsive to the remote. The channel we were watching was displaying normally, but the HR21 wouldn’t respond to any buttons, including the power button. Once again, all was back to normal after a reboot.

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