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DirecTV HD DVRs Require Restart Again – but get 1080p!

So, once again, a system update came down to HR20, HR21, HR21 Pro, and HR22 units, and, once again, the units seem to be requiring manual restarts. We reported on the last OS update from DirecTV requiring restarts earlier this month.

But, this time at least, there’s an added feature, and one that seems surprising: 1080p. We really don’t have all of the details yet, but it seems that through software, DirecTV has enabled 1080p in certain cases. 1080p is the highest quality level of HD signal that most current equipment can use – it’s generally a bit sharper than 1080i.

Initially, at least, only limited HD programming will be available in 1080p. What little information we have on the subject really stems from this press release. If you have any more – please post in the comments!

My TV, of course, only goes to 1080i. Maybe LG can update its software 😉

3 replies on “DirecTV HD DVRs Require Restart Again – but get 1080p!”


Was cruising around the menu last night and theres now an option in your tv resolutions tab to enable 1080P. I looked through alot of the movies and didn’t see anything on the info about any of them being in 1080P, so not sure how you know it will be yet……

They *really* gotta quit with this “restart required” crap. I have an HR-21 at a weekend home, that I fill up with recordings during the week, and watch on the weekends. Now when I get up there (I missed this weekend), it will have zilch on it, awaiting a restart.


I’m with snoob. I was out of town when my HR21 went dead, so I lost about 8 scheduled shows.

Anybody know of a way to program the HR21 to reject updates?

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