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DirecTV TiVo OS Version 6.4a – Add Kits Fail

We sell add kits for almost all versions of TiVo DVRs (as opposed to replace kits, which we do have for every single model). These add kits won’t install with version 6.4a of the DirecTV TiVo software on these models:

  • Hughes HDVR2
  • Hughes SD-DVR40, SD-DVR80, SD-DVR120
  • RCA DVR39, DVR40, DVR80, and DVR120
  • DirecTV R10
  • All Samsung DirecTV TiVos
  • Philips DSR7000, DSR704, DSR708

This same problem came up a few years ago with standalone TiVos running some subversions of TiVo OS version 7.2.

Here are the symptoms: attaching one of our add kits will cause the TiVo to go to the “Welcome, Powering Up” screen, followed by the “Almost There, a few minutes more” screen, then reboot back to the first screen. This cycle repeats endlessly.

Now that we’re aware of the issue, we’re notifying all customers of the potential problems before we ship the kits. Here are the options in this situation:

  1. Order a replace kit instead. Considering the age of most of these models, we generally recommend replace kits anyway. Add kits rely on your older drive, and if the older drive fails, your whole unit is down until you get a replace kit.
  2. Send us the entire unit for the add kit to be installed. We can do it here successfully.
  3. Wait and see if a later version of the TiVo OS resolves the issue.

We really think #1 is the best option, as we think these units generally need replace-style kits, but we do still continue to offer add kits to those unwilling to lose their programming, or to send us the unit for us to install a replace kit and copy the contents.

So if you’re looking for an add kit, check your OS version first. If you haven’t gotten 6.4a yet, unplug the unit from the phone line immediately! You can then install an add kit, and let the unit upgrade later.

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