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Surge in TiVo Power Supply Sales

With the amount of storms around the country at the moment, it seems that power supplies in TiVos are blowing out at a pretty swift pace. Our sales of TiVo power supplies have tripled in the last week. Thankfully, we have them for every model of TiVo ever produced, except the Toshiba SD-H400. See our TiVo power supply page for more info.

If you think your power supply may have failed, you should see our post for help diagnosing TiVo power supply issues. The short recap: no video at all, not even the gray screen, means TiVo power supply failure almost always. Even if the fan and/or hard drive still spins. 

But if you do get video out, like a gray “powering up” screen, then you likely have hard drive failure, and you need a new TiVo drive “replace” kit.

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