miscFAQ: Humax DVD TiVo questions

The Humax DVD TiVo starting at $49 is generating just tons of questions, so this premier installment of miscFAQ will focus on that unit


Can this unit be used with DirecTV? Will it replace my DirecTV TiVo? How does service work for it?

-Yes, this works with DirecTV (or DISH, cable, antenna, or even a combination). This unit doesn’t have a satellite input – it must get the same type of input your standard TV would get. So it can control a DirecTV/DISH/cable box, and it takes that output. It changes the channel on the box as it needs to. So you need a “dumb” DirecTV/DISH/cable box for this (and/or antenna) – it can’t control a DVR.

-You pay TiVo directly for service for this box. It doesn’t have anything to do with DirecTV.

You guarantee lifetime service for this unit. I went on TiVo’s website and I don’t see that option. What’s up?

Since this is the only unit left that can do lifetime service, TiVo has taken the option off their website. But it is definitely still available for any of these Humax DVD units from us. We can’t speak for units from other vendors (if anyone has them) and we know that the ones that TiVo sold directly to customers don’t qualify, but ours do. And it’s $299 (EDIT: now $399). When you have your box, call TiVo at 877-FOR-TIVO and ask for lifetime, and tell them it’s for a Humax.

I see that the 40 hour box has a DVD burner in it that provides all of these features. How about the upgraded units? Do they also have DVD burners in them?

OK, to the seasoned TiVo veteran like yourself, this may seem like an obvious one, but somewhere, somehow, we seem to have raised some doubts here. So here’s the answer: YES! All of our Humax DRT400s have DVD burners and have the same features. The difference among the four different capacities is only the amount of TiVo recording space. That’s all – nothing else changes.

OK – that’s the first edition of miscFAQ. More to come on an occasional basis!

If you’ve got a question that you think merits inclusion here, drop us an email.

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