New DIRECTV HD Channels Launch!

If you have an HR20 or an H20 HD DIRECTV Receiver with a 5lnb dish and B-Band converters, you will notice about 25 new HD stations available, starting today (or maybe it was late last night).

DIRECTV’s “new HD station” chart, found here is largely accurate. The stations showing in the September, 2007 column are now up and running, with the exception of a handful (Cartoon, Cinemax HD East/West, Food Network, FSN NY, HBO HD West, HGTV, MSG, MHD, National Geographic)…and some of the October 2007 stations launched early: Animal Planet HD, TLC HD and the Science Channel HD.

If you don’t have an HR20 HD DVR, you’re missing out….and now that there is so much HD content coming, there is finally a reason to upgrade that DVR!

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