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Amazon, TiVo and The Motley Fool!

The news of the day is that TiVo and Amazon have partnered to provide movie downloads directly to networked standalone TiVo boxes. This of course gave TiVo’s stock a boost, but more importantly, it creates yet another reason to add capacity to your TiVo.

If you had any doubt, check out this article from Rick Aristotle Munarriz of The Motley Fool, which proclaims:

“The large installed base of TiVo users are already open to paying a premium for televised entertainment. They have the disposable income to pay for TiVo’s monthly service. If anything, the only limitation is the relatively small size of the TiVo hard drives on entry-level machines.”

Rick! Come on. This is not a limitation. We can take a 40-hour “entry-level” TiVo and turn it into an 1,800 hour monster. Amazing.

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