New Pricing for TiVo Service

TiVo recently reduced both the rates they charge for monthly service (yay!) and the rebates on new boxes (boo!). But all in all, we like the changes. People generally really hate their monthly fees, and would rather pay a bit more upfront. So this is a good thing.

Another upside here is that service for Series3 units goes down, and they don’t have a rebate, so for Series3 purchasers, it’s only good.

So the new rebate is $170 for 540 units (very hard to find, single tuner) and $150 for the Dual Tuner and DVD units (the rebate on the DVD TiVos works with either monthly service, or the lifetime service that is still available for those units).

The new service pricing is laid out in full here. The service goes to down to as low as $8.31/month if you prepay for three years ($299).

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